Byron 'Reckful' Bernstein Dead

Popular Twitch streamer Byron Bernstein, known by fans as “Reckful,” died on Thursday, July 2. The beloved World of Warcraft pro gamer was 31 years old.

Fans became worried for the star after he posted an erratic string of tweets proposing to his ex-girlfriend Becca Madrigal that morning. “I know I’ll always be a little too crazy … and this is proof … but at least you’ll never be bored,” he wrote. “Will you marry me, Becca? DO NOT make her feel pressured to say yes, I am completely insane here. I have not seen her in 6 months.” In a following tweet, he added, “ahh, I feel bad for anyone who has to deal with my insanity. Please just know in these situations the insane person does not feel in control of their actions.”

Two hours later, another one of his exes, a software dev named Blue, tweeted, “I … I’m at a loss right now. Something I’ve been scared of happening for so long happened. I can’t stop crying. It’s so painful. Please no.” Eventually, she confirmed she was talking about Bernstein. “Yes, it’s him. He’s gone. I’ve been having a panic attack for an hour. I don’t know what to do.” Bernstein’s brother, Gary Bernstein, also announced the sad news. “My baby brother Byron @reckful is gone. RIP. He left in a similar way as my older brother Guy. I’ve no siblings left.”

Madrigal shared her own message hours later, writing that she saw his tweets “too late.” “He taught me how to have fun, to experience more, and challenged me to try to be more than what I was. he was larger than life, too big for this world,” she wrote. “We loved each other but it came with its difficulties. I was insanely insecure when it came to him, I couldn’t even recognize myself. I don’t feel that I was able to be the person that he needed in his life. My heart hurts. I’m sure many of yours do as well. Byron just wanted everyone to be friends, so let’s be that for each other during these difficult times.”

Twitch shared a touching message for the streamer. “We’re devastated to hear of Byron’s passing,” they wrote. “Our hearts go out to his family, friends, and community. He was a streaming pioneer and helped propel the whole industry forward. The communities he cultivated in the games he played were forever changed by his relentless pursuit of excellence.”

Friends and fans alike were devastated by the tragic news. Fellow gamer Lirik tweeted, “RIP Reckful. Absolutely floored. Man is and will always be an absolute legend.” Zaqueri Black wrote, “No way man, f–k. Reckful was my fav gamer looking up to growing up it was such a pleasure being able to meet him. I’ll never forget when he came over to duo at the CLG house for 4 hours w me. I’ll always love you man.”

Byron Bernstein Dies

Pro gamer and friend Isaac CB shared, “In total shock. Reckful & I used to spend all day for years and years playing WoW, laughing, talking s–t. I honestly don’t think he ever realized how much joy he brought those around him. He was a great friend, wonderful & incredibly unique person and I will miss him so much.” “Rest In Peace, Reckful. What a terrible tragedy. You can tell he meant so much to so many people. I can’t stress this enough: life gets better. I promise,” added Jack “CouRage” Dunlop.

Bernstein was also the creator of the game EverLand, which was set to release in 2020. He described it as a “social online world” that he hoped would “help people find friendship and a sense of community.” The positive influencer will certainly be missed.

In Touch reached out to Twitch and Bernstein’s representation for comment on the report and have not received a response at the time of publication.

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