During the Laci Peterson trial — during which her husband, Scott, was found guilty of murder — those closest to the late 27-year-old entered the spotlight to share heartwarming stories about the mother-to-be. One of the many loved ones who came forward was Laci’s older brother, Brent, to whom she was very close. Like their mother, Sharon, Brent took the stand when it was time for Scott’s sentencing and spoke directly to the man convicted of murdering his sister — even confessing that at one point after Laci’s disappearance, he considered killing Scott himself.

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“It’s difficult, Scott, to get up here and speak to you of what you’ve done, you know. It’s not an easy thing to do, to actually confront the killer of Laci. I mean everything that you have put us through and our family, your family; I mean you just can’t even begin to understand what’s gone on behind the scenes. You’ve been sheltered in your jail cell. You just, you have no idea of what we’ve gone through. Laci and Conner are the true victims here, but you’ve also caused a lot of other people a significant amount of pain. It’s also difficult to be up here to talk to you because I don’t know how much you understand, or how much you comprehend, what emotional level you have, or how much feeling you can have, but I’m going to do it anyway, even though it may not, it might bounce right off of you,” Brent — who has four children of his own — said during his victim impact statement.

He continued, “You’re evil and you still have the readiness to commit evil. Death is the appropriate punishment for your crime, and I knew that immediately, when Laci was missing, that you were responsible. On Jan. 4, 2003 I went and bought a gun. I already knew at that point in time you were guilty. I chose not to kill you myself for one reason: So you would have to sweat it out and not take the easy way out. I’m grateful I made the right decision. You have shown no remorse for your actions. It’s just hard to believe that you can carry on with life as if you didn’t commit this crime, and it’s, it’s not comprehendible to me. You slept in the same bed with Laci for two weeks, knowing that you were going to kill her. You ate the food that she cooked, knowing that you were going to kill her. You asked her brother to go golfing, you let her sister cut her hair, you toasted her mother about what a wonderful daughter she had, kno­wing the whole time you were going to kill, you were planning to kill Laci. I mean, you don’t have any compassion? What happened? I mean, were you depressed? Were you, did you panic? Were you scared? Were you angry? I mean why? … You know, our lives are consumed with this murder. You’ve ruined our lives. Every time I come over to the Bay Area what I think is Oh, my sister’s head is probably rolling around the bottom of the Bay. Do you even give any thought to what you’ve done?”

Since trial ended, and Scott was sentenced, Brent has kept a low profile. In 2012, the family’s matriarch, Sharon gave an interview to CNN and she said being around Brent and his four children has made her grieving possible — especially around the holidays, which tragically marks the time of year when Laci went missing.

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