Brandi Glanville is not happy with the way she's looking on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills this year, and she's in major damage control mode.

The blonde mom of two has been having conflict with newbie housewife Joyce Giraud this season. On a recent episode, Brandi teased Joyce for not jumping in the swimming pool and then made race-related comments about Joyce's hair. She has also been calling the former Miss Puerto Rico "Jacqueline."

This is far from the first time that Brandi's drunken ramblings have caused conflict on or off the show. Recently, during a drunken appearance on Watch What Happens Live, Brandi said that Real Housewives of Miami star Joanna Krupa had broken up the marriage between RHOBH's Yolanda Foster and her ex-husband Mohammed Hadid. Self-identified "truth cannon" Brandi even capitalized on her party girl reputation by writing a best-selling memoir, "Drinking and Tweeting."

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Star Joyce Giraud Asks: 'Is Brandi Glanville a Racist?'

"What Brandi said was racist and hurtful," Joyce exclusively told In Touch. "I didn't want to act upset on-camera, so the whole day I took bathroom breaks to go cry alone."

Now, 41-year-old Brandi has taken to social media to try and repair her damaged reputation. She posted a lengthy screed on her public Facebook page, criticizing both Joyce and Bravo for making her look bad.

"I was a bitch to Joyce for reasons you don't get to see on the show.To the viewer It looks like I am just acting bitchy towards her for no reason, but trust me I have my reasons," she wrote. "However for Joyce who has only been around me a handful of times, never been to my home, never spent time with my children, never hung out with me outside of shooting, to label me the way she did and continues to do, is incredibly irresponsible and hurtful. I made one very insensitive and inappropriate comment that I have profusely apologized for. I in no way live with any sort of prejudice in my life of any sort."

Brandi Glanville Dumped from Hard Rock Casino Gig Over Racist Comments

And that wasn't all. Brandi then referenced a recent incident where she was fired from a gig hosting an event at the Hard Rock because of pushback from her comments.

"Joyce's ongoing comments, accusations and labels have endangered my family and cost me jobs, and opportunities. As a single mother, supporting my two little boys and running a household by myself I hope Joyce feels really really good about what she is doing to my family as she sits a top her mansion with her giant diamond ring and zero worries."

Brandi also admitted that she was drunk when the incident happened: "I got drunk around Joyce maybe 2 and a half times the entire season long, and twice in the public eye this past year. Once on my birthday and once after I turned in my second book, I was celebrating both times, my children were at their fathers and I'm not going to make apologies for those times."

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After getting negative comments on the post, Brandi deleted it from her page. Does this mean she got in trouble with Bravo? Or can we chalk this up to another incident of drinking and tweeting Facebooking?

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