Billie Eilish has come under attack for mocking the accents of Asian people and using racial slurs. A TikTok user only known under the name @lcxvy, posted a video compilation of the singer appearing to use a slur on June 14.

The video showed a series of clips where Billie, 19, uses the word “ch–nk,” an offensive slur referring to Asian people. Another snippet of the TikTok showed the “Bad Guy” songstress seemingly mocking an Asian accent. Her brother, Finneas, then called her out for speaking with a “Black accent.”

The video has garnered over 1 million views since its publication and has been reposted on Twitter. 

Fans weren’t too happy with the footage and took to the comments to express their disgust. Several wanted Billie to be “canceled” and some argued that the clips could be attributed to Billie’s Tourette’s. 

The Grammy winner revealed in 2018 that she suffers from the disorder and experiences physical, not verbal tics.

Billie Eilish Under Fire for Using Racial Slur
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One user wrote, “Wait Billie Eilish mocked Asian people and it’s on video?” Another chimed in, “Billie Eilish mocking Black and Asian accents is so gross.”

“Billie Eilish has been racist to Asians on multiple occasions (saying the c slur and mocking Asian languages) but no one ever talks about it [sic],” said one fan.

“[I am] no longer fan of Billie Eilish after she mocked Asians and [their] accents. She’s so f–ed up,” another user added. “I liked her so much! I’m so disappointed,” one user commented.

Earlier this month, Billie was accused of queerbaiting when she shared a series of shots from her “Lost Cause” music video. She captioned the pics, “I love girls.”  Fans were quick to slam her and commented their thoughts. “Funny she is posting this in June, Pride Month. Bestie you better not be queerbaiting,” one fan said. 

“Bye, I literally cannot. It’s like if she’s coming out good for her but if she claims to be straight after this, bestie it’s queerbaiting sorry,” a second commenter wrote.

Reps for Billie did not respond to In Touch’s request for comment.

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