Blossom star Mayim Bialik — who is an advocate for the “attachment parenting” childrearing philosophy — defends her controversial parenting style in the new issue of In Touch Weekly.

“People laughed and sneered but it wasn’t wrong,” Mayim, referring to her decision to breast-feed her son Fred until he self-weaned at age 4, exclusively tells In Touch.

“Just because you do something your way doesn’t mean you can judge people who don’t. If I breast-feed and you don’t, it’s OK. I don’t think I’m a better mom and my kids aren’t necessarily better off than yours.”

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The Big Bang Theory actress — who has two sons, Miles, 8, and Fred, 5, — says the response she’s received online and via social media about her parenting style “makes me cry.”

Mayim tells In Touch, “The way that I parent is the way thousands of women parent all over the world, but I get flak for it. People say really mean things!”

mayim book

In March 2012, Mayim published a book on attachment parenting called Beyond the Sling: A Real-Life Guide to Raising Confident, Loving Children the Attachment Parenting Way, making her a published author as well as a neuroscientist (she earned her Ph. D in the field from UCLA in 2007). Both should come in handy, as Big Bang Theory is slated to come to an end soon.

The show has already been renewed for at least three more seasons, but showrunner Steve Molaro recently revealed there are no plans to continue beyond 2017, after what will be 10 seasons on air.


“I’m going to move forward with [co-creator] Chuck [Lorre] that 10 is the end unless we’re told otherwise,” he told The Hollywood Reporter.

“These decisions that are so far away I can’t really even think about that. I have no choice but to move forward … it’s so far away … the mindset is it’s going to be the 10 and then we’ll see what happens after that.”

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