Self-care that tastes good! Delta-8-infused fruit gummies have changed the CBD game, offering a series potential of wellness benefits in a delicious and convenient gummy format.

According to DankeSuper, Delta-8, a breakthrough product, is derived from CBD but “produces less of a psychoactive punch.” This means D8 users are less likely to experience any potential negative effects of THC, while still benefiting from the calm feeling and vibe consumers are known to enjoy.


The six seasonal flavors — apricot, Morello cherry, blood orange, strawberry, Pina colada and white peach — use the same pâte de fruit as the Full Spectrum CBD gummies and taste natural. The ingredients in the rich Morello cherry, for example, include Boiron Morello cherry puree, sugar, glucose, apple pectin and lemon juice. Plus, the Boiron fruit purees and fruits are all sourced directly from Central America.

However, the taste isn’t the only reason to check out the gummies. Delta-8 users may experience reduced paranoia and anxiety, feeling more at ease and able to unwind after a gummy block or even half of the square. Better sleep may subsequently be a positive side effect of that relaxing feeling.

Another potential benefit of Delta-8 gummies is they may help with indigestion. Whether you’re battling a hangover or everyday nausea, taking the gummy could improve your appetite.


DankeSuper, meanwhile, is the perfect company to supply users with CannAdaptogenic delights — sugar-coated squares infused with hemp derived cannabinoids and adaptogenic formulations — and gummies for several reasons.

DankeSuper originally set out with the idea of providing a unique ethnobotanical experience. Ethnobotany, in simple terms, is our cultural relationship to plants,” the company explains. “Ultimately, it’s probably more to classify our ambitions as ethnobiological since we’ve never been the type to limit ourselves to just one kingdom.”

The company also made a point to pick hemp as the first product with environmental factors in mind. “Our priority is delivering products that make our customers’ lives better, and we believe that a central part of that objective is supporting a better environment for us all,” DankeSuper says. “We envision a world where mindful consumption is effortless and it’s a future we’re committed to deliver.”


A little under a year ago, DankeSuper introduced a version of their Pâte de fruit gummies containing a relatively unfamiliar hemp derived THC compound called Delta-8. Initially, it was their intention to experiment to gain insight into the interaction of “alt-cannabinoids” . They initially incorporated the compound with the expectation of serving as a short term experiment rather than a long term driver behind their approach. Since then, they have introduced three new psychoactive / psychotropic ingredients to our repertoire: THC-O, HHC, and THCp.

In addition, DankeSuper served as one of the first brands to begin combining Delta-8 with THC-O in an edible format. As an industry, they have barely scratched the surface of how cannabinoids interact with each other let alone in combination with the many other phytochemical compounds found in the cannabis plant. At the same, an individual’s experience with cannabis products are highly varied. Overall, certain stone fruit gummies provide a more pronounced experience with 40 mg combined with 20 mg full spectrum hemp, compared to a lower dose. As a brand, DankeSuper takes pride in effectively communicating expectations to their customers and ensuring the best possible experience that meets your needs.

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D8 Gummies: 16 Piece Combo Pack
You can pick two different flavors for the combo pack, which retails for $70.

Apricot Delta-8
Try the Apricot gummies for a slightly more pronounced psychoactive experience than the original DSquared8 stone fruit flavors.


Strawberry D8 Gummy
One of the most popular favors, ingredients include strawberry fruit puree, sugar, glucose, apple pectin and lemon or lime juice.

Mango D8 Gummies
The ripe mango flavor is a must-try.

Blood Orange D8 Gummies
New users may want to opt for the citrus flavor for a laidback pick-me-up.

White Peach D8 Gummies
Similar to the apricot dummies, the white peach offers a dominant entourage effect.

40 mg Delta-8 Gummies, Morello Cherry
The Morello cherry gummy’s terpenes and dominant entourage effect create a rich experience.


Delta-8 THCO Gummy
Check out the blood peach or pomegranate cranberry flavors.

D8 THCp Gummies
According to DankeSuper, THCp is “believed to be 33x more effective at binding with ECS receptors as Delta-9.”

HHC Gummies
HHC, a hemp-derived psychoactive, binds receptors differently than Delta-8. Users may experience a similar relaxed feeling as D8, but HHC is also more likely to create more stimulation.

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