Below Deck Down Under is ​setting sail for season 3 and Captain Jason Chambers exclusively tells In Touch that they “haven’t started filming,” so he “can’t tease much.”

“They leave me very much out of it. That’s the way they operate. I like that when the location’s picked, I’ll turn up to a boat, I’ll meet the crew and then I’ll get on with it,” the Bravo star, 50, explains to In Touch. “That is a pretty big essence of the whole production. So, they do keep me at an arm’s distance, which I like. It actually brings out the challenging part of it, which I actually really enjoy.”

Last season, Captain Jason handled a difficult situation after bosun Luke Jones climbed into crew member Margot Sisson’s bed naked without her consent. Without a thought, Captain Jason fired Luke for sexual misconduct, as well as second stew Laura Bileskalne for inappropriately handling the incident.

Moving forward, NBC and Bravo are going to “put some policies and procedures in and they’re going to implement them. So, there’s some more understanding from outside looking in that we can actually control some of,” Captain Jason reveals to In Touch. The fan-favorite Bravo star shares that he also has changes he’d like to implement, like being an “advocate” for “no-alcoholic beverages.”

“That would be great from a captain’s point of view because the safety aspect is still there and the more I look back on the episodes, I see them with the audience,” he shares. “I don’t see anything until the audience does. I actually obviously will implement my own style going forward for season three. Whether that’s in tune with NBC or Bravo, I’m not sure, but I definitely will be putting my two cents in as a captain going into season ​3.”

Below Deck Down Under's Captain Jason Left 'Out' Season 3 Talks

Captain Jason has faced other obstacles during his time on reality TV, like remembering to keep his glasses handy and learning how to put on contacts. Luckily, he partnered with Acuvue and switched to Acuvue Oasys Max 1-Day contact lenses and learned how to successfully put them on himself.

“I went to the optometrist and got some contacts and as you know in season two I had so much trouble putting them in and I had trouble for many months afterwards too,” Captain Jason tells In Touch, adding, “And they’re not cheap either when they go down the sink as well. So, Acuvue came out to me, we spoke, they took me to an optometrist and I learned a hell of a lot.”

Reporting by Jessica Stopper

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