In 2015, a seemingly regular family went on a camping trip in the Idaho mountains. Jessica Mitchell and DeOrr Kunz Sr. left their little boy DeOrr Jr. in the care of his grandfather Bob Walton while they went fishing, and when they returned, he was allegedly nowhere to be found. Baby DeOrr was reported missing on July 10, 2015, and no trace of the two-year-old was ever found in the woods. So what happened to the toddler?

To this day, police don’t exactly know. They quickly sent trained professionals, police dogs, and helicopters out to survey the area, to see if DeOrr had fallen into the stream and drowned or was dragged away by animals, but they found no evidence on either front. While the good Samaritans of Idaho searched desperately for the little boy, inconsistencies began to arise in the parents’ stories.

The police finally admitted that Jessica and DeOrr Sr. were suspects in January 2016, as citizens wondered whether or not they should answer the couple’s call for donations. “They need to know that mom and dad are being less than truthful, and they can make a decision on whether to donate based on that,” said Lemhi County Sheriff Lynn Bowerman to the Idaho State Journal. “We’ve interviewed them multiple times, and every time there are changes to parts of their story,” Bowerman said. “The little things all change every time we speak with them. We re-interviewed them, but they weren’t willing to tell us the truth.”

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East Idaho News

Jessica Mitchell and DeOrr Kunz Sr.

As for Grandpa and his friend Isaac Reinwand, who were also at the campsite, “They were at the scene, so we won’t rule them out,” Bowerman said. “But in terms of persons of interest, I think mom and dad are higher on the list.”

One year after the disappearance, more weird evidence came out to suggest that things didn’t happen the way the parents suggested they did. According to Idaho News, Jessica and DeOrr Sr. were evicted from their apartment in Idaho Falls, and inside the abandoned home investigators found toys and a camo jacket that the parents said Baby DeOrr had with him when he went missing.

In another blow to the parent’s credibility, the private investigator that they had hired to prove their innocence quit in November of 2017, telling the East Idaho News that, “It is our firm belief that until truthfulness comes from the persons that we, as well as law enforcement, have named as suspects, there is nothing further to investigate.” They went on to suggest that the parents get charged at least with child endangerment.

In November 2017, the Sherrif’s Department revealed that the case is still very much open, and they will continue to investigate what happened to sweet little DeOrr. We hope he is still alive somewhere!

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