These days, Casey Anthony is laying low; since being infamously acquitted for the murder of her two-year-old daughter Caylee, she has avoided the public eye by living with a former investigator of her case. It’s a vastly different life than the one she used to live — and in a new interview on The Dr. Oz Show, her former roommates Clint House and Nathan Lezniewicz are shedding light on what her life was like before the trial around the time of Caylee’s disappearance.

During the episode, Nathan opened up about the moment he found out Caylee was missing. He said he only found out about it when police officers came to their shared apartment to conduct a search (at the time of Caylee’s disappearance in 2008, Casey and Caylee were living with her parents, George and Cindy). “I remember specifically that the police came over and wanted to search our apartment real quick. We asked them, ‘Okay, what is the gravity of the situation right now — like what exactly is going on?’” he told the TV doc. “The officers looked at us and said, ‘We do not know where Caylee is and apparently she’s been missing for 30 days.’ My heart sank. I’m thinking, ‘Wait, 30 days? What do you mean 30 days?’”

The pair said they saw Casey during the time of her disappearance, and she acted normal, claiming that she thought her child was with either with her parents or with a babysitter. Having since become a parent himself, Clint said that there were several aspects of the case that still “haunt” him.

“I have a year-and-a-half son. About the same age. And the thing that really haunts me is thinking about that is if I was on trial for the murder of my child and I was acquitted, I wouldn’t sleep another day until I found out who killed my kid,” Clint said. “The other painful thing to think about is, ‘Was Caylee in the trunk of Casey’s car when we passed by it to go to school everyday?’ That’s hard to think about.”

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