She’s feeling good! High School Musical alum Ashley Tisdale reveals exclusively to In Touch that she is “more in love” with her body since removing her breast implants in winter 2020.

“I think that the biggest change is just being more in love with my body just naturally how it is versus feeling like I need something,” she tells In Touch while promoting her partnership with Bio-Oil. “And I think that’s the most important thing. You know, obviously, my boobs have changed, even being pregnant.”

She also notes that while pregnant, her body changed even more — but she was quick to embrace body positivity. “And I actually, like, had boobs again, which is so funny, because I was getting so excited and so used to having smaller boobs and natural,” the Suite Life of Zack and Cody alum adds. “And I was like, ‘This is great.’ I’m like, ‘Oh, my God, I have boobs again.’ But I think that, you know, the most important thing that it changed was just my feeling for the love for my body, and that I’m just in a healthier mental state and, you know, state of self-love.”

“Obviously, my body’s gone through a lot this last year, definitely on a different path of feelings right now,” the starlet notes before adding that she experienced gut issues with before removing her implants. “But before I was pregnant, I mean, I would say within a week, it changed my gut issues completely. And so, I definitely believe that that did have something contributing to that.”

Ashley also dishes that she incorporated Bio-Oil into her routine when she got pregnant but continues to find benefits in keeping her body hydrated with oils. “When you’re pregnant, [there are] things that you wouldn’t do before, like rituals you wouldn’t do before. I’m all about skincare, but I was never one to put moisturizers constantly on my body or oils. And when you get pregnant, your body is changing so rapidly that it’s so important to have that, and it helps obviously prevent stretch marks and the appearance of stretch marks. So, I’ve just been using it nonstop.”

She adds, “Now, I’m so used to using it after I get out of the shower, I just keep using it. And the best part is that you can actually use it in so many different areas as well. Like, I use it on my hair. I’ve been having really bad, dry postpartum hair. And so, I use in my hair, and it makes it so much more softer. And it’s healthy because of it.”

The blonde beauty welcomed her first child, a daughter named Jupiter, with husband Christopher French in March — and she is still learning on the fly as a first-time mama.

“I’m still trying to find my balance. I’m really lucky because I get to work from home right now,” Ashley gushes. “I have my blog, Frenshe, and I’ve been doing a lot of stuff with with that. Obviously, this pandemic has been so wild. But it’s been positives and negatives, you know. The positives are that I didn’t have to go to events when I was like, fully pregnant. But, you know, the negatives are that like, yeah, I wish I could see my friends more and feel more comfortable with the baby around them. So, you know, it’s just kind of like a juggling a balance, but I am still trying to find it.”

Ashley Tisdale/Instagram

The proud mama adds that she hasn’t been on set again yet, but “I’m sure that when that happens, you just learn. I mean, the thing is, she’s like the cutest and my little best friend that I just love sharing everything with her. So I’m excited for the day to be on set and be able to share that with her. But I do think that this time is, you know, her being five and a half months. Like, it’s such a precious time. So I’m very grateful that I’m able to be with her, you know?”

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