Fans are less than pleased with Ariana Grande after she proclaimed herself the “hardest working 23-year-old human being on Earth.”

The former Nickelodeon star made the proclamation on Instagram with a black-and-white portrait, writing, “When you’re cute but you’re also the hardest working 23-year-old human being on Earth” along with the hashtags “#cute #butalsoCEO #unf-ckwithable #haventsleptinyears.”

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Needless to say, it didn’t take long for followers to find issue with her statement — as there are many, many other young people on this planet who work very hard and don’t allegedly get carried around wherever they go.

It didn’t take long for people to slam to “Side-to-Side” singer on both Instagram and Twitter for her tone-deaf statement regarding her work ethic.

“I don’t think hardest working 23-year-old is quite accurate when everyone else is working multiple jobs to afford the bare minimum,” one commenter wrote on Instagram. Another added, “Are you serious? I would say our marines work harder, our police, our doctors, all you do is sing, big whoop. You don’t need much brain for that. I lost my respect for you (not that I had much in the first place.”

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Of course, there’s no denying Ari works hard — when she isn’t singing or acting, she’s creating perfumes and designing headphones, but that doesn’t mean her hard work translates well into what other people are experiencing — such as working multiple jobs, attending college, raising children — and some are even doing all of the above!

Of course, Twitter managed to come up with some hilarious responses to Ariana’s ridiculous claim.

“Yes, Ariana Grande is the hardest working 23-year-old on Earth, not the ones struggling marking 60 cents a day trying to provide for their families,” one tweeted.

Another wrote, “Ariana Grande, if you’re the ‘hardest working 23-year-old on Earth,’ what are the women in Africa? India? Please wake up.”

Looks like Ariana will be hard at work with an apology next!

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