When Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant premiered in March, 17-year-old Brianna and boyfriend Danae broke new ground: Danae is Teen Mom's first transgender star. He and Brianna seemed committed to each other — and Danae said he was committed Brianna's baby — but cameras stopped rolling a while ago. So are Danae and Brianna from Teen Mom still together?

The bad news: It seems Brianna and Danae have gone their separate ways. The good news: Brianna may have found love again. On Facebook, the teen has shared photos of herself with a different guy, calling him "my baby" and "my handsome boyfriend." He appears in her profile pics starting in January, but he also pops up in another profile photo from 2015, so he must have been in her life for a while now, perhaps off and on.

Of course, Brianna and Danae were also off and on. In fact, Brianna got pregnant when she hooked up with "an old friend" during one of her and Danae's breaks, as an MTV press release revealed. And even though Danae was "back in the picture" and had "promised to raise the baby as his own," Brianna's mom still "[questioned] his ability to support her daughter," MTV said.

Still, Danae seemed excited about the prospect of becoming a father figure to Brianna's son. "Me being trans, I can show him there is so much more to this world," he said on the show. Brianna revealed his commitment to her baby proved his love for her, and she even named the little one Braeson, using the "Br" from her name and the "ae" from his.

Braeson was born without his left forearm and hand, and in a casting video, Danae said that condition made him feel even more bonded to the baby. "I already know that's going to cause some type of dysphoria," he said. "So I already understand, you know what I mean? I already get you. Little do you know, but I'm understanding you way more than anybody else can because I already know what it's like to be different."

We're sorry to see Brianna and Danae have split, but hopefully, all parties are headed toward happy and loving futures. And who knows? Maybe Danae will play a role in Braeson's life regardless.

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