Planning for the future. Anna Delvey reveals her job aspirations following her release from prison during an exclusive interview with In Touch.

As she looks forward to “getting released [from] house arrest,” Anna – whose real name is Anna Sorokin– says she’s planning to start a podcast, write a book, focus on her art and hopes to start a law apprenticeship. “I am looking into options,” she tells In Touch.

“It’s going to be the ‘Delvey Show,”’ Anna reveals about her upcoming podcast, adding that she plans on interviewing “different people about one topic.”

Anna, 31, explains that the topics will be “smart” takes on entertainment and finance. “It depends on the person, but it’s not going to be any gossip or anything,” she notes.

Meanwhile, her book will tell “my version of my story.” Anna – who was the inspiration for Netflix’s Inventing Anna – adds, “I think I’m not old enough for a memoir yet.”

Jordan Holmond/ @jordanholmond

Additionally, the Russia native is focusing on her law apprenticeship. “I’m going to be an understudy,” she says, explaining that she wants to take a similar route to become a lawyer as Kim Kardashian. “You can either go to a law school or you can just do hours with an actual law firm like an understudy – it’s like a mentorship.”

While she wants to take a similar path as Kim, 42, Anna insists that she was not inspired by the reality star. “We definitely have different reasons. I’ve been through it myself so I think that’s why I have a little bit more of an insider perspective and her cases are more on just convictions and lifers and just these cross mistakes,” she says. “Her focus seems to be more extreme cases like when you get 30 years for something. I think it’s like I’ve experienced the system.”

“I was thinking criminal finance, a bit of immigration, a little bit of both,” Anna explains of the type of law she wants to practice. “It’s like when you start off you just need to focus on the basics and you choose the direction a bit later on.”

Something else Anna is focusing on is her passion for art. “I’m going to see what I’m going to do with my art and I have better supplies now,” she says. “I have some canvases and different colors.” 

In 2019, Anna was convicted of two counts of attempted grand larceny in the first degree, three counts of grand larceny in the second degree, one count of grand larceny in the third degree and one count of misdemeanor theft of services. 

Throughout her scam, she stole more than $275,000 from several friends and forged bank statements to acquire a $22 million bank loan. However, she was not convicted in other charges related to the bank loan or for stealing $60,000 from Rachel Williams during a trip to Marrakesh.

While Anna was originally sentenced to four-to-12 years in prison, she was released in February 2021 for good behavior. She is currently under house arrest in her New York City apartment and may be facing deportation back to Germany, where she lived before moving to the U.S.

Anna’s artwork is available for sale at Founders Art Club.

Reporting by Diana Cooper

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