Not many people are happy about Angela Lansbury’s recent comments about sexual harassment. The 92-year-old actress voiced her antiquated and frankly sexist comments about victims of sexual harassment and assault in a recent interview with Radio Times. When the Murder, She Wrote star was questioned about the recent accusations happening in Hollywood, she shocked fans with her response.

She confessed that in her mind there are “there are two sides to this coin” when it comes to the recent allegations. Watch the video below to learn why people are speaking out against Angela’s comments.

Hearing this kind of rationalization for such heinous crimes is partially upsetting coming from a woman so respected in the entertainment industry. “There is no excuse or mitigation for sexual violence and there is no circumstance in which it’s even partially the victim’s or survivor’s fault,” a spokesperson for Rape Crisis England & Wales explained. “Until we accept and acknowledge that, it will be very difficult for us as a society to reduce or prevent rape, sexual assault, sexual harassment or sexual abuse.”

The Internet has also expressed their disdain for the actress’ recent comments. And, this mishap will surely taint her reputation among fans. One woman tweeted, “Angela Lansbury’s comments show an attitude that does real harm. But most of all I feel very sad for her and all the other women who have lived by these rules and placed blame at their own door and I think reactions should contain compassion and reflection on generational change.” We couldn’t agree more.

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