Honestly, we didn’t think too hard about it when Alexis from Are You The One revealed on MTV that her cousin murdered somebody — but then we found out that she’s Alexis Eddy and her cousin is Shelia Eddy, the girl in prison for brutally stabbing her best friend. It didn’t help that she brought it up about as casually as she possibly could while talking to Shad about her tattoos.

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Alexis was showing him the flower on her back that says “live free” when she explained that it was for her cousin who was in prison for 15 years to life, and had been sentenced at 17 years old. And then she explained that the reason her cousin was in prison was because she’d murdered her best friend. “It was insane,” Alexis added, and, uh, that’s kind of the understatement of the year.

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So who is Are You The One‘s Alexis’ cousin?

When we looked into her cousin, we discovered that Reddit user /u/iseenyouwithkieffuh had already put the pieces together. “I was google-stalking the s6 cast and I discovered that uhhh… Alexis’ cousin is Shelia [sic] Eddy, who stabbed her friend to death with her other friend!!” they wrote on September 21. “Alexis and their other cousin were defending her on Twitter… even though Shelia [sic] pleaded guilty to first-degree murder. Just a creepy factoid for ya!” They even provided a screenshot of Alexis’ old Twitter bio, which contained a hashtag campaign to free her cousin “Squeezie,” a nickname for Shelia. Alexis was open about it on Twitter once the info came to light, even before the episode where she mentioned Shelia aired.

And she’s been open about the fact that she loves her cousin, but obviously doesn’t agree with or support her actions. The creepy thing is that we definitely remember reading about Shelia Eddy and her friend Rachel Shoaf, two teen girls who murdered their friend back in 2012. You might remember it, too — it was covered extensively on the news, including Dateline NBC, Dr. Phil, and Snapped. It even inspired the Lifetime movie, Death Clique.

What did Shelia Eddy and Rachel Shoaf do?

Shelia and Rachel, both 16 at the time, conspired to murder their friend Skylar Neese in the summer of 2012. Shelia and Skylar had been friends since they were little, and Shelia had recently befriended Rachel their freshman year of high school and brought her into the fold. According to WVAlways, the two West Virginian girls invited Skylar to hang out on July 6, 2012, drove her into the woods in Pennsylvania, and then, at an agreed upon moment, they stabbed her together until she died.

When was Skylar Neese’s body found?

Skylar was missing for over six months before her body was found. There were multiple search parties looking for her. Shelia, who had been friends with Skylar since they were eight, was even involved in their efforts. According to the NY Daily News, she went door-to-door handing out missing person flyers and asking for information. Shelia and Rachel had admitted to sneaking out with Skylar to get high, but said that they’d dropped her off back at home at the end of the night. The police suspected that there’d been an accident, Skylar had overdosed, and the girls were covering it up. But in January of 2013, Rachel admitted to the police that she and Shelia had killed her. She led police to the body and Skylar’s remains were discovered on January 16, 2013.

Why did Shelia Eddy and Rachel Shoaf kill Skylar Neese?

According to what Rachel told the police, they simply didn’t want to be friends with her anymore. And the way they decided to go about ending that friendship was by murdering her.

When were Rachel Shoaf and Shelia Eddy arrested and tried?

Rachel went to the police in January of 2013, and in May 2013, plead guilty to the murder in court. In September of 2013, Shelia was identified as a co-conspirator, originally plead not guilty, and then changed her plea to guilty in January of 2014.

What prison are Shelia Eddy and Rachel Shoaf in?

According to People, both girls were sentenced as adults and remain in West Virginia Lakin Correctional Center for Women. Rachel will be up for parole when she’s 27, and Shelia will be eligible for parole at 33.

What are Shelia Eddy and Rachel Shoaf’s Twitter handles?

When details came out about Shelia and Rachel’s involvement and their murder plot, police and the media noticed some seriously creepy tweets on their accounts — and they’re still live. You can check them out at @sheliiaa and @racchh.

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