She’s a mama’s girl! Alaskan Bush People star Rain Brown isn’t your average teenager, but it’s not just because she’s on a Discovery Channel reality TV show (though that’s definitely part of it). It’s also because, if you asked her who her best friend is, she wouldn’t pick someone her own age or even one of her older siblings. Instead, she’d proudly tell you it’s her mom, Ami Brown. The teen has been sharing major love for her mama on social media over the years, but for Mother’s Day, she decided to share a special tribute.

On Sunday, May 12, she posted a throwback photo of her mom when she was a few years younger. Rather than sharing a long, drawn-out message, she got right to the point in her caption. “Happy Mother’s Day to my bestest friend, ♥️” the 16-year-old wrote with the pic. Fans wanted to share their love, too, adding, “There is nothing better than a mom who is also the best friend at the same time.” Another wrote, “You are so lucky to have each other!”

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Happy Mother’s Day to my bestest friend. ♥️

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Not everyone was supportive of the post, though. Some worried that Rain calling her mom her best friend just goes to show what an abnormal childhood she had. “Your mother shouldn’t be your friend,” wrote one commenter. Another agreed, writing, “She’s your mother, not your friend.” It seemed to remind some of the time that Rain proclaimed that she’s “thought different” from other kids her whole life.

“To me, I’ve lived twice as long as I really have,” she wrote on Instagram in January, declaring that she doesn’t regret being so mature for her age. “I’ve thought different my whole life. I never thought of myself as a kid, so I’ve never missed [being one] because I never was — to me, I was a woman who was in a child’s body, waiting until the day where the world would see me as I see myself.”

Maybe mom Ami sees her that way. It would certainly explain why they’re so close. Of course, watching her mom face cancer has also undoubtedly brought them closer. But then again, the fact that her mom is Rain’s best friend may have less to do with their relationship and more to do with the fact that the teen simply doesn’t have a lot of options out there in the bush. With the star claiming that her family lives in the mountains “full time” and reports indicating that she and her big sis, Bird Brown, don’t “see eye to eye,” there are only so many other potential BFFs left.

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