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While getting pestered on the playground and in the classroom was once a near-unavoidable aspect of the elementary educational experience, millennials are now attempting to raise their own offspring with positive attitudes and break the cycle of schoolyard teasing for good. But with many present-day youngsters possessing minimal exposure to other peers their age due to the isolating effects of COVID-19, the return to the classroom has brought on an unprecedented new challenge for parents to instill kind and thoughtful behaviors into their children ahead of their entrance to school. Helping make this transition into mindful play all that much easier is author Lauren Grabois Fischer’s The Be Books collection, whose uplifting volumes help teach kids these much-needed lessons in an engrossing and age-appropriate format.

Considering the righteous commotion made by children’s psychologists on the important impact of environmental surroundings on kids’ subsequent development, parents with the desire to ingrain open and positive ideas into their children can best do so through leading by example. But considering the complexities of kids’ understanding the nuances of adult behavior, Grabois Fischer’s The Be Books present a simple and streamlined solution to help guide parents and their children through this learning journey — all in a format comprehensible by kids of all ages, lending to the collection’s popularity as gifts for newborns, baby showers, and birthday gifts for all ages

“These are deep lessons simplified for parents and educators,” said Grabois Fischer. “When we talk to our children openly, it allows for a safe space for them to share back with us. Isn’t that what we all want to create? A safe and comfortable environment to speak openly about important topics.”

Each entry in The Be Books eight book-strong collection covers a different, yet equally vital, subject for kids; books like ‘Every So Often A Zebra Has Spots’ aim to help kids understand all the good that can come from diversity, standing out from the crowd, and accepting yourself and others for their differences, while ‘You Are A Superhero’ promotes bravery, respect, and actively being the best version of yourself possible. The volumes are all accompanied by eye-catching and colorful illustrations, keeping kids – and their wandering attention spans – fully captivated by the meaningful lessons within.

Intent on making every message stick to its audience, Grabois Fischer taps into her past as an elementary school teacher by providing worksheets and discussion questions in the back of each of The Be Books’ volumes. Utilizing these easy-to-follow materials, parents and educators alike can help truly cement the positivity and kindness taught by Grabois Fischer’s books to the kids in their care, ultimately preparing them for a better future and helping foster the considerate classroom environment strived for in the modern world.

For further information on The Be Books, visit the collection’s website or Instagram for more.

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