They’re still bush people at heart! At least, that’s what Alaskan Bush People star Rain Brown claims. Though the family had to move away from the wilds of Alaska after mom Ami Brown‘s cancer diagnosis, they returned to their rural roots once she was in remission. In the most recent season of the Discovery Channel show, fans can watch the family establishing their new home base in Washington state, settling down in the mountains. But do they really live there? In the past, fans suspected they never actually lived in the Alaskan bush — and now they think the same is true about their new home.

On Instagram, however, Rain is doing her best to put that rumor to rest. She’s constantly showing off the gorgeous views from her home and enjoying the great outdoors. On her most recent post, she even directly confronted the theory that her clan doesn’t actually live in the mountains. “I’m just curious if your family lives on the [mountain] full time,” wrote one fan on April 9. “I’d rather hear it from the source.” In response, the teen commented back, “Unless there’s something medical going on, most of us [do], yes. ❤️”

Rain Brown Says Family Lives In The Mountains
Courtesy of Rain Brown/Instagram

But despite what Rain had to say, not everyone believes it. One fan also responded in the comments, writing, “What?? Since when?!! You do realize your neighbors and the locals around you know you don’t live there, right? Why do you all lie like that? You upload pictures of yourself in bedrooms, but there are no bedrooms on the mountain property. You’re not living in those teepees. Seriously, stop acting. You keep up the act even off camera, which is odd. … I’m curious when they’re going to tell the truth.”

Writing several comments, they continued, “Gabe, Raquel and her kids live in a rental; Ami, Billy, Bird, Bear and Rain live in a separate rental near the property. Noah and his wife have been living in between Colorado and Idaho for the last two years, Bam lives with his lady, Matt lives in California with his new girlfriend and NONE of them live on the mountain. It’s just a film set. The land is zoned as designated forest land, not residential property. Meaning it can be used for livestock, cutting timber, hunting and as a film set but cannot be used as a residence. IDK why they choose to continue the charade off camera, but … they don’t live there.”

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Though Rain acknowledged the comments, she didn’t exactly confirm or deny anything. “With all due respect,” she wrote, “it’s my life. Not yours.” But that didn’t stop the commenter, who continued to encourage the reality show star to “tell the truth.” They even suggested that, if it’s a contractual problem with Discovery, the teen should “just be silent when asked” if she can’t “be honest” instead. “It’s like you think that ALL of your viewers are stupid or something,” they wrote. “It’s too bad that telling the truth is seen as a negative thing. I never claimed to know ‘everything,’ but I do know this: they’re not living in the bush.”

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