When Josh Bowling married Abby Hensel, who is conjoined with her twin sister, Brittany, he knew he was in for an extremely unique relationship — especially when it comes to their sex life.

In an exclusive interview with In Touch, intimacy professional Ariella Salinas Fiore imagines the United States Army veteran’s feelings towards intimacy are “likely to be very complicated as the situation is not common nor something he has lived with his whole life, as the twins have.”

The 34-year-olds, who rose to fame when Abby & Brittany aired on TLC in 2012, are dicephalus conjoined twins — defined by the National Library of Medicine as people who are “fused side-by-side with a shared pelvis.” The public first learned about their lives as conjoined twins when they made headlines for a 1996 interview, and they also opened up in the 2006 documentary Joined for Life: Abby & Brittany Turn 16.

But now that Abby is in a serious relationship (she secretly tied the knot with Josh in 2021), most fans of the sisters are wondering how she has sex with her husband with her sister right beside her.

While some may feel jealous to be in a room while two other people are having sex — not to mention conjoined to one of the people being intimate — Ariella thinks “there is no reason why there would need to be jealousy in this situation.”

She adds, “My understanding is that they keep their relationship separate from the other, so it’s not really like a throuple, it’s more like a couple with a constant companion. Also, people don’t always experience jealousy the same way. People in polyamorous relationships are often able to manage without feeling the traditional feelings of jealousy so there is no reason to assume those feelings would exist here.”

In fact, Ariella surmises that Brittany could feel indifferent. “It depends on how experienced they have become at disconnecting from things happening to their body when their twin is in charge, so to speak,” the sex and intimacy expert, who does not know the trio personally, explains.

Communication is vital when it comes to their relationship. When asked if she believes intimacy in Abby, Brittany and Josh’s dynamic is more planned rather than spontaneous, Ariella says, “I would imagine this would take not only planning but also would need exceptional communication between all parties.”

Ariella also suggests that all couples seek out resources to talk through their feelings if needed. “Certainly, I always advise folks to chat with a therapist if they find themselves with the ability to do so,” she says. “Conjoined twins or otherwise.”

Reporting by Nate Grant.

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