As 13-year-old kidnapping survivor Jayme Closs adjusts to her life after her escape, more details are surfacing about her suspected kidnapper. Jake Patterson, 21, was arrested and charged with two felony counts of first-degree intentional homicide, one count of kidnapping, one county armed burglary in connection with Jayme’s kidnapping and the murder of her parents. Now, an insider who went to high school with Jake exclusively revealed to In Touch that Jake could be described as a “loner,” which may provide insight into Jake’s personality as someone who could allegedly commit such horrific crimes.

“He was pretty reserved, never spoke up unless specifically talked to. I talked to him or at least tried, he never had a lot of friends so I felt bad, but I never really got to know him,” Jake’s former classmate exclusively revealed to In Touch, and explained that Jake was very quiet. “That’s the thing, that’s why I don’t know too much about him is because he was hard to talk to. He never opened up to anyone.”

Jayme Closs Kidnapping Suspect Jake Patterson Described As A 'Loner' In High School
Barron County Sheriff’s Department

Despite the fact that Jake didn’t have too many friends, his former classmate said he at least was somewhat friendly to his fellow students. “Yeah, he was always nice to everybody. He was never mean to anybody, openly at least. Nothing that I ever saw,” the former classmate explained.

While Jake’s demeanor may have made him susceptible to bullying, the insider said he never witnessedJake suffering from any public bullying during their high school years. “I don’t think so far as I know. I don’t think anybody directly bullied him,” the source revealed. “Maybe somebody talked about him, but I don’t think he was ever bullied publicly per se.”

Jake’s former classmate also described him as “smart,” but “lazy.” That’s why most people who knew Jake were shocked to learn that Jake had been accused of allegedly murdering Jayme’s parents, kidnapping her, and holding her captive for 88 days.

“Yeah, it was just kind of like we couldn’t believe it was him,” the insider said. “He never really did much of anything, really. So for him to take the initiative to do something like this, is surprising.”

With reporting by Lexi Ciccone.

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