Wedding bell blues? Couple Anna-Marie Campisi and Mursel Mistanoglu seemed like the perfect match in 90 Day Fiancé terms: they were both the same age, they both shared the same interest in beekeeping, and their relationship seemed genuine. But after Mursel arrived in Bellevue, Nebraska from his home country of Turkey, it didn’t take long for red flags to start popping up: Anna and Mursel did not speak each other’s languages so they relied on a translator app to communicate, and Mursel planned to keep Anna’s three children from a previous relationship a secret from his strict, conservative Turkish family.

At first, Anna, 38, seemed prepared to keep her children hidden but just weeks before their wedding date, she gave Mursel, 38, an ultimatum: he would come clean to his family about her kids, or she would call off the wedding. After Mursel told his parents, they vocalized their disproval of Anna and her kids, It seemed like he was ready to pack up and return to Turkey. But do Anna and Mursel get married? Scroll below for spoilers!

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In Touch can confirm that Anna and Mursel do make it down the aisle! According to Sarpy County marriage records, the couple tied the knot on September 8, 2019. It’s unclear what actually led to their decision to go through with the wedding because they had a very tense and emotional scene during the December 22 episode of the series where it seemed like they both accepted the decision to not wed.

After Mursel came clean to his family about Anna’s kids, they urged him to return home. He seemed like he was prepared to do as his parents wished, because he told Anna that they could no longer get married. “We ruined everything,” he told her. If Anna and Mursel did not get married, they would be the first couple in the franchise history to not tie the knot within the 90 days.

But obviously, there is still hope for the couple. In a preview for the next episode, Anna’s mother has a stern talk with Mursel and accused him of breaking her daughter’s heart. Either Mursel will choose to defy his parents and remain in America to be with Anna, or his parents may have a change of heart and learn to accept Anna and her children. But fans will have to continue watching to see how this plays out.

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