Somebody call Maury! 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days stars Jon Walters and Rachel Bear make a very cute couple, and they make an even cuter family with Rachel’s infant daughter Lucy — so much that there is a very popular theory floating around the internet where fans speculate that Jon and Rachel met in person before joining the show and that Lucy is Jon’s biological daughter. But Jon and Rachel each took to social media to dispell those rumors.

The biggest reason why fans think that Jon is Rachel’s baby daddy is because many of them think that Lucy looks just like Jon — and it didn’t help that Jon recently shared a photo of himself when he was a baby. Many fans pointed out the similarities between baby Lucy and baby Jon, and the most obvious one is that Lucy has huge, gorgeous brown eyes just like Jon.

“That’s totally his baby! Same eyes!!!” one fan wrote, while another commented, “That baby looks like she could be yours. Y’all are so adorable together! My fav couple by far.” But Jon, 34, and Rachel, 33, offered a perfectly good explanation as to why Jon looks like he could be Lucy’s bio dad.

“Just you and a million other people who like pointing out something which is impossible. She looks like Rachel. Huge brown eyes,” Jon commented. Rachel also replied and she sounded very annoying in her response. “Good grief… Has this conspiracy not been put to rest yet? She’s got big brown eyes like me… Jesus Christ… Let it go,” she wrote.

The identity of Rachel’s real baby daddy still remains a mystery, but back in August, a woman claiming to be Lucy’s paternal grandmother tried to expose Rachel. The woman claimed that Rachel originally planned to raise Lucy with her son as a family, but Rachel changed her mind last minute and refused to let her son be a part of Lucy’s life.

“Rachel Bear you are one mean and hateful person,” the woman wrote in a lengthy Facebook rant. “You never notified anyone that you had the baby or let anyone be a part of her life, you are a selfish b—–d. You robbed her of meeting any of her family. You endangered her and your other daughter [sic] lives by picking up some guy on the internet.”

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