Getting real. 90 Day Fiancé alum Larissa Dos Santos Lima exposed what she feels is the “dark side” of OnlyFans after working on the platform as a content creator for five months.

One of the “dark sides” of OnlyFans, which is a social media platform that allows fans to subscribe for premium content from their favorite creators, is that some people ask for refunds after consuming the exclusive photos and videos.

“This happens a lot of times and is one dark side of that people don’t talk about. How can [you] protect yourself?” Larissa, 34, asked in a YouTube video published on Wednesday, February 17. “Don’t watch a video that took hours to make, editing, you invested and now the person wants a refund? No, OK?”

Another “dark side” of OnlyFans is that content creators need to be “very creative” and very “self-motivated” in order to succeed on the app. “When I say very, I [mean] very,” Larissa said. “Because outside of the platform has a lot of free content and you need to be above the [minority] for people to really pay attention to you and feel motivated buy your content. You need to be creative.”

“One dark side that is very dark is that porn websites, yes, you hear right, porn websites steal your content and they want to sell your content,” the former TLC star claimed.

Larissa said another dark side of OnlyFans is that it’s inevitable that people will leak your content online, and she claimed her haters leak her content so she won’t make as much money from the platform. “I came from a television [show] where the major audience [is] women and the women are very cruel,” Larissa claimed. “They make fun of you, they leak your content. One of the things a woman told me, I’ll never forget, she said, ‘Now that we leak that, who [is] gonna pay for your content?”

The Brazilian beauty went on to answer the common question potential content creators have: Should they show their faces in their content? “Show yourself, own who you are, because people are going to leak your content and you need to trust in yourself and you need to explain to your family what you are doing because when it comes the time to leak, people will do whatever it takes to stop you [from doing] your job,” she advised.

Other tips Larissa gave for OnlyFans content creators to protect themselves is to not sell their content for less because people who subscribe to the page with the intention to leak the content won’t pay more than a certain dollar amount. She also warned to never put naked photos on the wall, instead share a tease on the wall because the “majority of leakers” don’t buy content.

Her last tip is to sign up for a service or hire someone to help prevent content from being stolen. She revealed she works with someone who searches for her content on smaller sites and works “very quickly” to get the stolen content taken down. She said she also uses another company that helps to remove her content from major sites and global search engines like Google and Google Images.

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