If you’re a new parent in the thick of a feeding journey, you’ve probably started to hear about Bobbie, the first new infant formula company to launch in the U.S. in five years and the only one in the country founded and led by moms. 

Bobbie is all about bringing their nutritional standards of E.U. formula to U.S. parents, without having to go through the formula black market. Their European-style recipe meets all FDA requirements, most notably for DHA. Bobbie is the only U.S. formula that meets the E.U. levels for DHA, and this matters because the U.S. (shockingly) has no DHA standards in infant formula. 

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Courtesy of Bobbie

They are focusing on digestibility in their recipe in a few key ways; their carb source is 100 percent lactose, just like breastmilk, they have a 60:40 whey to casein ratio (also mimics that of breastmilk) which is easier on baby’s tummy, and they left out palm oil, which research has shown can cause digestive issues and constipation in babies. 

This company is not only about providing premium quality, USDA Organic infant formula to U.S. parents, but they are also deeply passionate about their mission to shake the stigma about choosing formula in a “breast is best” society. Their team is steadfast in embracing every feeding journey from bottle to boob to formula and leaving the judgment and mom-shaming behind. 

If you’re been on the hunt for a formula that tells you exactly what it contains, try Bobbie today. 

So now that Bobbie has been on the market for a few months, how are parents — and more importantly babies — liking it? We asked five moms to share the full scoop (and the poop) on their transition to Bobbie. 

1. Lynnsey, mom of two

Columbia, South Carolina

Let’s Talk Poop

My little 6-month-old, Charlie, has been on Bobbie for about a month now and the difference between his temperament now versus his old formula (a national brand found on almost every shelf) is night and day. He no longer pulls off his bottle, but the most noticeable change is that his poops are far less strenuous. As crazy as it sounds, watching your baby easily poop is the best feeling in the world as a mom. It gives me so much confidence that this is what he needed and that we are on the right track. 

When I was trying the other American brands, I came to realize they had less than half of the DHA than Bobbie, and I watched as he struggled to digest them. He would get frustrated and agitated, and his poops were so difficult he was straining. Being able to make the switch to Bobbie — a product I know is well sourced, that I know is organic, and I know agrees with him — is the best gift ever.  

It Matches Our Lifestyle

A few years ago, our family made the switch to a more organic, non-toxic lifestyle. When we had Charlie and breast-feeding didn’t work out, I wanted to choose a product that met the standards of what we incorporate into our everyday diet. 

2. Amy, mom to 7.5-month-old

Chicago, Illinois

Nursing Strike = Needed Formula Right Away

I was so excited to see an article pop up on my Apple news last week about Bobbie, I actually teared up. It came at the perfect time for me. I was breast-feeding exclusively for 7.5 months, and then my beautiful, mighty, strong-willed daughter decided to go on a nursing strike. It lasted a couple of weeks, during which I decided to start combo bottles so that I could extend the amount of time she’d get breastmilk (I started pumping regularly). 

Courtesy of Bobbie

I Didn’t Feel Good About Black Market Formula

I was using a European formula, based on my research, but was really uneasy about it not being regulated here in the U.S. So when Bobbie popped up, I was THRILLED, and immediately began weaning my pumping — I finally had a formula I felt excited about giving my daughter, and it gave me the permission I didn’t know I needed to end my beautiful, rewarding, painful, bonding, maddening breast-feeding journey with her. 

I’m excited to be able to give her combo bottles until she’s 9 months old, and then switch to full Bobbie bottles. How amazing that I got to nourish her for 9 months in my body, and I’m lucky to be able to nourish her for 9 months from my body (with a little help from Bobbie). I feel really confident moving to full Bobbie bottles, knowing that she’ll continue to be nourished in a different, but equally loving way.

I’m really, really happy Bobbie fell into my lap when it did.

3. Juliene, mom to 8-month-old 

Sacramento, California 

The Subscription Is a Great Feature

I decided to just jump in (to subscription) and commit because I prefer supporting more locally, especially since the formula is more consciously, ethically, and intelligently sourced. I’ve been using European formula after discovering American formulas are embarrassingly lacking in the sort of educated care that Europeans are conscientious about. 

This is my first child and I couldn’t breast-feed after 4 months. My pediatrician recommended the standard “high-end” and well-known formulas from two major national brands. I did that for a couple of months, and she started to exhibit reflux, eczema, and fussiness. I was told this was all normal and that she would grow out of it, especially since she was transitioning from being fed exclusively from breastmilk. 

I started to do research because I was at my wit’s end watching my normally chill and happy baby suffering. I was pretty angry to find out that corn syrup was the main and first ingredient in these formulas. I was even more shocked and horrified to discover that the U.S. regulations and FDA even allow this to be the No. 1 ingredient in BABY formula. Needless to say, I eventually landed on European formula, where they have much stricter requirements. 

A U.S. Formula That Strives to Meet E.U. Standards

I was completely sold when my baby started to poop like she did when she was on my breastmilk: mustard-colored, pudding consistency, and occurred every few days. After reading Bobbie’s website, the history, and the commitment to the fidelity of high quality that goes BEYOND the U.S.’ minimum standards for organic and matches European standards, it was really a no-brainer. I’m excited the company launched in time for my daughter to take advantage and to grow up healthy. 

4. Caitlin, mom to a 3-month-old 

Woodinville, Washington 

A Formula Without the Guilt

We’ve been using Bobbie for a month, and my guilt around feeding is gone. I look forward to making formula now (which is a shift since I used to get a pit in my stomach). At the start of the day, mixing up the day’s supply of Bobbie has become one of my morning rituals, right up there with making my first cup of coffee. So thank you for that. 

I feel seen and heard knowing that Bobbie is founded and led by moms who have gone through similar feeding journeys and can identify with not only wanting the cleanest ingredients for their babes, but being transparent beyond what regulation calls for.

It’s Supporting My Unique Feeding Journey

I’ve had two breast reductions and knew that breast-feeding would be a challenge. I got my hopes up when my son was born because my milk came in, but ultimately there was so much damage to my chest that it had nowhere to go to get out. For many women that have had breast reductions, the reason is usually nowhere near as scary as cancer, but overall it is a huge quality of life improvement. 

I had my first surgery when I was 21 while in the military. At the time, I knew the risks and wasn’t willing to wait until I had kids because that seemed like a long way off. Unfortunately, my surgeon decided when I was on the table that I was too young to make that decision and only took 1/3 of the amount that we had agreed upon. 

Courtesy of Bobbie

When I transitioned back to civilian life, I had my second surgery, and that’s when my new plastic surgeon found that my original doctor had done an experimental procedure that caused a huge amount of damage. I guess I’m giving the details to set the stage that I absolutely knew my chances of being able to breast-feed were low. I thought I was in the right mindset prior to our son being born to be ready for formula when we needed to supplement or switch, but I wasn’t expecting the guilt that came once he arrived. 

I Was Nervous About Black Market E.U. Formula

I really wanted to supplement and transition over to a European formula, but between the lack of supply chain integrity and delays with Covid, I wasn’t willing to take the risk of the formula being compromised.

We settled on a different U.S. organic brand found at Whole Foods, which our son had done well on, but I was frustrated that they weren’t more transparent about the composition of the recipe, replying to my question about the cows being grass-fed with “It is a proprietary recipe.” Another company gave me the same dead-end reply. 

It was frustrating to know that before Bobbie, better formulas existed somewhere but that they weren’t easily accessible. I am thrilled that is no longer the case. My little guy took his bottle with Bobbie yesterday with no issues. 

I found Bobbie searching for baby startups in the middle of the night during a feeding when my son was a few weeks old (I work for a cybersecurity startup in Seattle and am fascinated by all who are willing to take the leap to change an industry). I got up the next morning and wondered if I had dreamed it because it honestly seemed too good to be true. And thanks to the boxes that arrived yesterday, I finally feel like I can let go of the mom guilt. 

I wouldn’t change my decisions to have my surgeries because they helped my physical and mental health so much, but I am glad that I can now still feel comfortable in my body but feel good about what I am giving my son.

5. Allie, mom to 3-week-old 

San Francisco, California 

Breast Is Best, Until It’s Not

As a first-time mom, I naturally assumed that I would breast-feed my son. That’s what my body is supposed to do, right? When my son was born, I wondered where was my milk? It even took a couple of days for the colostrum to come in, and even that was sparse. The nurses said it takes longer when you have a cesarean, and while the milk was slowly coming, it was in short supply and wasn’t enough to keep my baby fed. 

So we began supplementing with formula, and my journey with a lactation consultant began. They prescribed 7 feedings and 6 pumping sessions per day. I would nurse for 30 minutes, pump for 30 minutes, and the baby was still hungry. I was exhausted, waking up in the middle of the night to feed and pump, my nipples were in so much pain, and after each session, we still needed to use formula to satisfy the baby and keep him growing. It was defeating and exhausting, but the pressure of “breast is best” kept me suffering through it because I thought if I quit that I was a failure. A bad mom. 

Not until I started opening up to friends did I learn that this is such a common issue for many moms who have transitioned to formula feeding and have become happier, better moms. Fed is best. A happy, loved, growing baby is best, and knowing that our baby is getting all of the nutrients he needs with the best organic formula felt liberating. Bobbie helped set me free from the pressure of breast-feeding, and I’m finally enjoying the time I get to feed my son and am getting more sleep because my husband can help.

In the hospital, they use the national brand that they stocked there, so that was what our baby first had and he often spit up. When we left the hospital we were recommended to try a common organic brand found at Whole Foods, until we read a scary article from CNN that had this brand listed amongst other brands who knowingly distributed formula with toxic levels of metal contaminants. 

Finally, I was recommended Bobbie by a research-obsessed friend who swears by the products and everything the company stands for. We couldn’t wait to try it. Our baby loves it! He hasn’t spit up once, and we find comfort in knowing that this organic formula also provides DHA to help with his brain development.

Moms Know First-Hand How Important Getting Your Baby the Nutrition They Need Is. That’s Why Bobbie Is Made and Recommended by Mothers Everywhere.

Using baby formula shouldn’t cause you fear or concern, and it definitely isn’t something to be ashamed of. When you find the right formula, doing what’s best for your child is easy—no stigmas attached. 

Bobbie is the formula for babies and parents to bond in the comfort of feeding, and that’s something that these moms have realized first-hand. Breast-feeding simply is not possible for every mother, and until Bobbie, the right options just weren’t there.   

With a basis in science, you can trust that Bobbie is full of ingredients that you can trust to help your little one grow.

Give your baby the nutrition they need with this new formula! 


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