Fans of Tammy Slaton are concerned for the 1000-Lb. Sisters star after she shared a set of photos shown sitting in her wheelchair, following her major progress of being able to walk without the aid of any devices in early May.

Tammy, 36, was seen staring out at a sunset near a marina in a carousel of Instagram snapshots posted on June 21. Many of the photos simply showed her face or the back of her head, which included a beautiful silver butterfly clip holding her hair back. But the three photos that showed her wheelchair-bound raised alarm bells with her followers.

One person wrote, “Damn girl I thought you were standing up,” after Tammy had been seen walking without the help of her walker in photos taken on May 4. She was seen standing unassisted next to her sister, Amy Slaton, and friends in Instagram photos on May 3.

Another person questioned “Why r u in a wheelchair? Thought you were Doing good????” When one fan commented, “Why are you still in a wheelchair? Get up and start walking,” others came to Tammy’s defense.

tammy slaton in wheelchair
Courtesy of Tammy Slaton/Instagram

“It’s not that easy to just get up and walk. Her muscles have to rebuild, her stamina will increase slowly. Support her in her efforts instead of condemning her for what ‘YOU’ think she should be doing,” a follower wrote under the comment, while another added, “Just because she’s lost a lot of weight and had surgery doesn’t mean it’s easy to just get up and walk everywhere immediately, especially since her body isn’t used to it. Also, all of her loose skin from weight loss, that is added weight to carry around too.”

In the photos of Tammy walking, she was seen exiting a gas station in Indiana during a trip with her brother, Chris Combs. The TLC star strode through the parking lot in a gray sweater and black pants while wearing a nasal cannula, which is a medical device that provides supplemental oxygen therapy to people who have lower oxygen levels. It was a far cry from when Tammy needed the constant use of an oxygen tank.

Just the fact that Tammy was outside and enjoying a sunset showed how far she’s come since she almost died while in weight loss rehab. She entered the facility after being hospitalized and was put into a medically induced coma when her lungs and other body organs began shutting down.

After she was released from the hospital, Tammy spent over a year in an Ohio weight loss facility. She revealed during the season 4 1000-Lb. Sisters premiere that when a nurse came to check on her overnight, she wasn’t breathing due to blockage in her trach which prevented her lungs from getting oxygen.

“Last night, I literally about died,” Tammy admitted, as her oxygen level had dropped to a dangerously low 20, adding, “I could not breathe at all. I was about gone.” The reality star left rehab in February 2023 after a 14-month stay where she lost nearly 300 pounds.

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