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Will Smith Admits He
Had “A Couple of Poor
Parenting Moments”
With Son Jaden

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While Will Smith seems like a sweet, caring dad in all those fun interviews he’s been doing with his 14-year-old son, Jaden, to promote their new movie, After Earth, the Fresh Prince admits that he wasn’t quite so easy-going when they shot the sci-fi film in Costa Rica. In fact, he put his son through a punishing – and sometimes life-threatening – experience.

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“I probably had a couple of poor parenting moments on this movie,” Will tells New York magazine. “Do you know what a fer-de-lance is?”

“It’s one of the most poisonous snakes in all of Costa Rica,” Jaden explains. “I was doing a scene, going through some tall grasses, and they said, ‘Hey, we caught some fer-de-lances around there, and there seems to be a lot more, and I think we should move the scene.’ I was like, ‘How many fer-de-lances did you catch?’ He’s like, ‘Eight.’”

Will continues the story. “I said, ‘Well, you got them all, so it’s fine. Let’s just shoot it.’”

He admits, “Yeah, if Mommy was there, that wouldn’t have gone down.”