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Tony Dovolani’s
‘Dancing With the
Stars’ Blog: I Can’t
Believe Leah Remini
and I Made It This


For the 17th season of Dancing With the Stars, professional dancer Tony Dovolani will take In Touch readers along his incredible journey by providing a behind the scenes look at DWTS and reflecting on that week’s performance. This week, he is talking about what it is like to work with his latest partner, Leah Remini and why he thinks nothing can stop #TeamLeony!


I can't believe it's week 7. In the beginning I asked Leah, “how far do you think you'll make it? She replied, “a couple of weeks.” Now she's thinking week 7 is unbelievable and doesn’t want to go home. I told her if you keep working hard the audience sees that and will reward you. The fact we got saved early was a huge confidence boost. Leah loves the audience and the fans and the fact they are all standing behind her really means the world to her.

Leah wasn't sure how the judges would perceive last weeks dance, so when they liked it she was like a little kid in a candy store. Getting the 3 nines for our difficult quickstep was like getting a gold star in school and coming home to tell your parents, “look what I got.” But I loved that she waited to tell the judges what she thought of them until she got her final score. She said, “I don't want to say something nice and then have them give me a 7. I wanted to see if they were going to put out before I gave them something.” That really made me laugh.

Every week is crucial now, especially as we have some momentum. It's time to push it and poor Leah... that's what I've been doing! I made her do things in last night’s salsa she never imagined and she does not hate me for it. I've been overzealous with the choreography and making sure we get out there and have people say, "gosh, I can't believe she did that."

Last night, we also had the team dance with Elizabeth/Val, Snooki/Sasha and Bill/Emma. Our team is pretty cool and we’re not caring much what the other team is doing but they spied on us! I'm like really, why? They have Corbin, Amber and Brant? Everyone on our team embraced the spirit of what the team dance is all about and we've been texting and face timing to help each other prepare for it. It's going to be a lot of fun.

I hope we continue to do well, as now is the point I'm starting to get hopeful that we have the goods to make it to the finals. After being on the show for so long you know not to think too far ahead, but there is a glimmer of hope and I'm starting to wonder about the finals, so wish us luck.