Beyonce walking fiercely video

This Video of Every
Time Beyonce Walks
Fiercely Is Everything


Beyonce turns even the most ordinary thing into something fierce - even walking!

Miley Cyrus Claims Love Magazine Quotes About Beyonce Were Fabricated

The Huffington Post made a supercut video of all of Queen Bey's fiercest music video walks, and the results are amazing.



"Frankly, we never want to see anyone besides Beyonce transporting themselves from point A to point B ever again," they wrote in the video text.

After you watch this mashup, you'll understand why - and you'll want to practice sauntering around in your living room look as much like Yonce as possible.

Beyonce Gets Backlash After Posing With a Receation of the Last Supper on Instagram

She probably even grocery shops flawlessly. Or should we say ***flawlessly?