The Kardashian
sisters: Lauren and
Brody are better off
as friends


As the world waits with bated breath for what happens between on-again/off-again paramours Lauren Conrad and Brody Jenner on tonight’s finale of The Hills (MTV, 10 p.m. ET), the Kardashian sisters agree that coupledom is just not meant to be between Lauren and their stepbrother Brody. “I think that Brody and Lauren are probably better off as really good friends,” Kim told In Touch at the ME Cabo resort’s year-end celebration in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. “Agreed,” chimed in Kourtney. However, Khloe doesn’t rule out the possibility of Brody and Lauren remaining friends with benefits. “I also think Brody and Lauren really understand each other, so if they do hook up, they know what they’re getting into,” she says.

One thing is abundantly clear: Brody shouldn’t count on his stepsisters to play matchmaker for him anytime soon. “He’s already hooked up with all of our friends!” said Kim. “Try not to hook up a brother with a friend, because it just gets messy!” Khloe concurred: “Been there, done that!”