Joe teresa giudice

'RHONJ' Star Joe
Giudice Accused of
Abusing Animals by
Animal Rights Activist


Real Housewives of New Jersey star Joe Giudice is at the center of controversy. Again.

A new report is claiming animal rights activist, Kris Kelly, was shocked when Joe revealed two of the family's chickens had been eaten by their German Shepherds in last night's new 'RHONJ' episode.

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“Joe Guidice has two dogs in the back yard in cages. The dogs killed two chickens…then they go to a farm and get two more chickens and then blow cigarette smoke in a goat's face and the goat screams,” Kelly said of Joe's alleged mistreatment of animals.

“One of the German Shepherds cowered in fear when Joe Guidice came in the backyard after the dog killed two chickens. I believe this man is an animal abuser,” Kelly added.

According to the report, Kelly also believes Joe is a bad parent.

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“He teaches his daughter to disrespect farm animals. The child screams through every episode of the New Jersey Housewives and that’s annoying BUT when you are being rough with animals it turns from annoying to unacceptable,” Kelly stated.

“What is this show teaching young kids? It teaches them to be bullies to both other kids and the most vulnerable, animals!” she said in the Radar Online report.