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The cast of Private Lives of Nashville Wives may be compared to some of the stars from Real Housewives, but these six ladies believe they’re completely different.

“Many people picture songwriters sitting around drinking moonshine in the middle of the night throwing ideas around, but Nashville is a very hard working town,” starlet Sarah Davidson tells In Touch.

“We have co-writes scheduled, we show up with ideas at 10:30am and sit down to work.”

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Even though Sarah, 29, thinks she’s the only one in the cast who “didn’t have conflict with anyone,” drama still occurs over guys with guitars.

“I don’t know what it is about a guitar, but everybody wants a piece of the person holding one and that can easily become a sticky situation,” she says.

“In the entertainment business relationships are continually challenged, marriages are shaken, and dreams of the ‘happily ever after’ are outshined by the neon lights.”

Sarah Davidson PLONW

Sarah Davidson talks no drama: "I got along with everyone!"

After being married to songwriter Dallas Davidson for four years, it wasn’t until July 2013 when they got a divorce—which will all play out during the pilot season.

In next week’s preview, we see the Drink You Up singer begin to tear up when asked if Dallas ever comes see her on stage.

“There is a disconnect between Dallas and I,” Davidson reveals. “But Dallas could give a sh-t about what I sing or what I’m doing on stage.”

‘Private Lives of Nashville Wives’: "We’re More Humble and Hardworking Than ‘Real Housewives’ Stars!"

Sarah hints that a drastic change between her and her ex-husband will occur in a matter of a “3 minute song” on Monday night’s episode.

And that’s not all. Jenny Terrell throws a Casino Night to benefit Make A Wish Foundation. One person who didn’t receive an invite? Betty Malo—the matriarch of the group.

Private Lives of Nashville Wives airs Mondays 11/10C on TNT.

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