Rhonj hair pulling fight

Rawr — Cat Fight!:
Nicole Napolitano
Pulls Amber Marchese’s
Hair on the ‘Real
Housewives of New
Jersey’ — See How it
Compares to the 6 Most
Violent Reality TV
Fist Fights

Nicole Napolitano and Amber Marchese may be new to The Real Housewives of New Jersey—but they sure do fight like pros!

Things got dirty on last night’s episode of RHONJ when hostess Nicole confronted Amber about rumors she was a homewrecker at a First Responders-themed party.

Real Housewives of New Jersey Star Melissa Gorga Reveals Co-Star Amber Marchese’s Bad Behavior!

Eventually, Nicole’s twin sister, Teresa Aprea, tried to break things off, but when Amber suggested they go somewhere else to confront their differences—with a snap of her fingers and a fiery “Let’s go!”—things turned physical.

“I’m not your dog. Do not do that, Amber!” Nicole snapped as she held a fistful of Amber’s hair in her hand.

This is sure to go down as one of the most epic fights on Real Housewives of New Jersey history—and that’s saying something, given the show’s violent past!

In fact, this fight will likely top many other infamous reality TV brawls! Check out our list of reality TV’s top fights—and let us know where you’d place this catfight!

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