Nicole kidman accident

Nicole Kidman Hit by
Cameraman, Reportedly
Pressing Charges


While walking out of her Manhattan hotel, Academy Award-winning actress Nicole Kidman was apparently struck by a paparazzi who was riding a bike!

Nicole was in town for New York Fashion Week, where she attended Calvin Klein’s Spring/Summer collection.

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A freelance photographer came speeding towards the 46-year-old actress as she emerged from the Carlyle Hotel; the photog lost control of his bike and knocked Nicole over.

Although there’s no word on whether either party was hurt, an ambulance was spotted on scene.

Reports from TMZ say that the Nicole has plans to press charges against Carl Wu, the photog allegedly involved in the altercation.

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This isn’t the first time Mr. Wu has made headlines for butting heads with the stars—figuratively if no literally.

The paparazzo went to the press when he claimed he was physically attacked by one of Lady Gaga’s body guards in June 2010 after attempting to get a photo of the popstar.