Michael Lohan's
explosive new


In a surprise move, Michael Lohan called Perez Hilton yesterday to set the record straight about Dina Lohan and his relationship with daughter Lindsay, following an item in the New York Post saying that he'd finally get to see Lindsay in rehab. "Everything out of [Dina]'s mouth is a lie. She tells the court, the public, her lawyers and my lawyers one thing and does the exact opposite behind the scenes," he fumed to Perez. "Part of my whole agreement in court was for me to see my kids, which she has prevented me from doing. All she is, is deceptive and full of lies, and that's the bottom line." Michael then went on to accuse Dina of having "this degenerate boyfriend around our kids. The guy's a drunk, he's a rapist, he's a piece of garbage hanging around my children." Finally Michael told Perez, "I'll give you a tape — a video confession — of someone who came up to me and said, 'Michael, I know for a fact that Dina does cocaine because I delivered it to the house to her.' That's recently, about six months ago." In response, Dina released a statement saying, "Now the world will know why eight people were issued criminal stay-away orders of protection until 2011 against Michael Lohan."