Justin bieber scooter braun deposition

Says Justin Bieber Is
Responsible for the
Actions of His
Bodyguards — Details
of Scooter Braun’s
Deposition Exposed!


As the legal proceedings continue in the lawsuit filed by Miami photographer Jeffrey Binion against Justin Bieber, In Touch Weekly has learned the pop star’s manager Scooter Braun has completed a deposition — during which he allegedly claims the 20-year-old is responsible for the actions of his security staff.

“He basically said Justin takes full responsibility for the bodyguards himself and has since he was 18,” a source close to the case exclusively tells In Touch Weekly.

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“Scooter said that until the age of 18, Scooter and [Justin’s mother] Patti managed the bodyguards for Justin, and that once Justin turned 18 he decided he wanted full control of his bodyguard staff; he hired his own bodyguards and took full control of his own security. Essentially, if you look back at the incidents Justin has had with his bodyguards in the past, they basically only started after he took control of the security staff.”

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Specifically, Binion is suing Justin for an incident that took place in June 2013 — more than a year after the singer turned 18. According to the photographer, Justin’s bodyguard Hugo Hesny allegedly threw him against a wall, grabbed him by the throat and “displayed a gun” in an effort to steal his memory card. Hesny denied he ever touched photographers while working for Justin.

He’s suing Justin as well, claiming the singer orchestrated the event. According to the source, that isn’t a stretch from the troubled star’s typical behavior when it comes to managing his staff.

“If Justin’s bodyguards chase, attack and take cameras from photogs, that would fall on Justin, because Justin is the one managing his own security,” the source tells In Touch. “Scooter kind of just put it all on Justin.”

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While Scooter didn’t shy away from placing responsibility on his young his young client, he also gave insight into their close relationship and even came to his defense when speaking of another confrontation that occurred in LA shortly after Justin’s 18th birthday, when the singer was out with then-girlfriend Selena Gomez.

“Scooter also said, however, that he and Justin are like family, and that he can’t sleep at night without calling the bodyguards first and making sure Justin is okay,” the source exclusively shares with In Touch Weekly.

Justin and Selena

“Scooter also said that when Justin himself attacked a photog out in LA, Justin’s reasoning was that he felt he and Selena were threatened by the photog and that’s why he lashed out physically.”

Justin will complete another deposition for the case — during which he will be forced to respond to additional questions that he refused to answer during his now infamous deposition from March.