Kristen stewart

Kristen Stewart Gets
Over Robert Pattinson
By Hanging Out With
Friends and Drinking

Jen Lowery/Splash News

There are a couple of ways to get over a breakup – one is to sit in your PJs watching sad movies and eating cookie dough, the other is to get your mind off your heartache by spending time with your best friends. Kristen Stewart seems to be doing the latter to keep her mind off her recent breakup with her boyfriend of four years, Robert Pattinson.

The Twilight star was spotted having dinner with three friends at En Sushi in LA on June 6, and an eyewitness tells In Touch she looked anything but heartbroken.

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“Kristen was happy the whole time, hanging out with her girlfriends,” the eyewitness says. “It’s a pretty small place, it’s cozy, and Kristen and her friends were there for hours, sitting in a booth, talking, laughing and drinking cocktails and eating sushi.”