Kris humphries auctions ring

Kris Humphries
Auctions Off Kim
Kardashian’s Ring,
Which Sells for

Getty Images

You can’t put a price on love—unless you’re Kris Humphries, that is! So how much did his romance with Kim Kardashian cost him? Around 1.2 million bucks—and that’s just for the ring!

Kris auctioned off the rock from his 72-day marriage with Christie’s Auction House, who sold the Lorraine Schwartz bauble for $749,000 today!

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Which is a pretty penny—until you remember that the basketball player paid a reported $2 million to put this biggest, most beautiful ring on it!

Still, this is a sign that Kris is moving on from the affair—which only officially ended in June.

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It’s safe to say Kim has moved on from the short-lived nuptials as well, even though she doesn’t have a six-figure check to show for it.

Although she does have beau Kanye West and baby Nori, so we’d say she’s doing pretty well moving on too!