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Kardashian Insisted on
Being Moved Away From
Rita Ora at the VMAs

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Kim Kardashian is the first person to admit she thinks her brother Rob needs a healthy dose of tough love—but that doesn’t mean she isn’t loyal to her baby bro.

Case in point? At last week’s Video Music Awards, Mrs. Kanye West found out she was sitting just three chairs from her brother’s ex-girlfriend Rita Ora, prompting her to ask to be moved away from the 23-year-old, a new report claims.

Kim and Rita

According to the report, Kim found out she was seated near the singer and she politely asked to be moved so she didn’t have to socialize with Rita—without being a diva at all.

The 33-year-old had no interest in sitting near Rita or socializing with her, as Kim thinks she’s partially responsible for Rob’s downward spiral—and his battle with not only his weight, but also issues related to depression—since their nasty breakup in 2012.

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The source adds producers had to scramble—but ultimately found another seat for Kim and little sisters Kendall and Kylie at the VMAs.