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"I Can't Do This
Anymore": Kendra
Wilkinson’s Mom Feels
Used — Plus 6 More
Stars Who Are
Estranged From Their

As if she doesn’t have enough drama in her life, Kendra Wilkinson’s mother, Patti, has blasted the former Playboy model for “using her” in the wake of her husband’s alleged affair with a transgender woman.

“After news of Hank’s affair broke, I was there for Kendra the second she needed me,” Patti revealed in her first interview about her relationship with her daughter, since recently becoming estranged (again).

“I drove up to her place and got to spend time with my grandchildren. It felt like old times, but then things took a turn for the worse. She just stopped talking to me.”

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The mother-of-two’s statement come shortly after she tweeted her suspicions that Hank’s affair wasn’t real—but, rather, a ploy for their reality series, Kendra on Top.

Their relationship became more tumultuous when Kendra allegedly reunited with her estranged father, Eric, in Costa Rica amidst her personal drama with not only her husband, but also her mother.

“Kendra and Hank are all about the ratings, so I knew they went there with a planned story line where, because of Hank’s infidelity, Kendra felt it was important to reconnect with her estranged dad,” Patti said.

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“Those two are so caught up with the show. It’s all Kendra thinks about. It’s disgusting, especially when you are hurting your own mother…

“I can’t do this anymore. I love my kids more than anything, but when a television show becomes more important than your relationship with your mom, it’s time to realize that your priorities are messed up.”

As she mends her relationship with her father—and loses one with her mother—Kendra is hardly alone. These six stars are also estranged from their parents.

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