Hank baskett kendra wilkinson back together

On Together?: Kendra
Wilkinson Is Back Home
With Estranged Husband
Hank — And the Camera
Crews (REPORT)


The truth is stranger than fiction—and more entertaining, too—which is why Kendra Wilkinson and Hank Baskett’s story will make for some juicy reality TV!

According to a new source, the estranged couple have reunited and appear to be “happy” together at their home—where they are joined by the Kendra On Top cameras, as they have apparently signed on for another season of her reality show!

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“He’s telling people he’s happy and that he and Kendra are having a great summer,” the source says. “They’re filming another season of their reality show.”

One person who won’t be tuning in is the former Playboy bunny’s brother Colin who reportedly asked fans to boycott her show after she allegedly flew to Costa Rico to reunite with their estranged father Eric (who Colin suspects was compensated for his appearance).


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In a rant on Facebook, the younger Wilkinson sibling reportedly wrote his sister “sunk to the level of caring about ratings more than her own family.”

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But the source says ratings isn’t Kendra’s main priority—she’s already doing well, with ratings increasing 46-percent from season one to season two—rather it’s money that she’s after.

“Kendra is banking on the shows to bring in cash,” the insider explains.