Justin timberlake video letter

Justin's Open Letter
Apology for
‘Distasteful’ Wedding


Talk about a buzzkill.

Justin Timberlake should be off celebrating his recent nuptials to actress Jessica Biel, but instead, the singer is apologizing to millions of people over a controversial wedding video.

In an attempt at a joke, JT’s friend Justin Huchel created a homemade video that shows homeless people sending best wishes to the newlyweds who married in a lavish ceremony last week. The 8-minute film was rumored to have been shown during Jess and Justin’s wedding festivities before Gawker obtained the footage.

Justin took to his twitter account earlier to post a letter of apology on behalf of his “friends, family, and associative knuckleheads.”

Even a small excerpt from Justin’s open letter provides a transparent look into the singer’s sincerity.

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He writes:

As it pertains to this silly, unsavory video that was made as a joke and not in any way in mockery: 

1. I had no knowledge of its existence. I had absolutely ZERO contribution to it.

2. My friends are good people. This was clearly a lapse in judgment which I'm sure no one who is reading this is exempt from. But, I don't believe it was made to be insensitive. More so, I think it was made as a joke on me not having that many friends attending my own wedding (which IS kind of funny if you think about it). 

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3. Like many silly rumors that I have been made aware of about the week: It was NOT shown at my wedding.

4. I think we can all agree that it was distasteful, even though that was not its intention.

P.S. You can bet your ass that I'm having my friend do at least 100 hours of community service... Boom.

Though we love Jess and Justin as a couple, it might be time for the 31-year-old to say "Bye, Bye, Bye" to his offensive pal.