Justin bieber attempted robbery

Justin Bieber Has Been
Accused of Attempted
Robbery – After
Allegedly Stealing a
Cell Phone


He just can’t seem to stay out of trouble.

Justin Bieber has been accused of attempted robbery, the Los Angeles Police Department confirmed Tuesday night.

The accusation comes after the 20-year-old allegedly demanded a woman’s cell phone during an altercation at the Sherman Oaks Castle Park—a small amusement park with mini golf, batting cages and an arcade in the San Fernando Valley—between the woman and Justin’s crew.

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The woman accusing the singer of lifting her cell phone says a physical altercation took place after he demanded she delete any pictures he may have taken of her while in the park, TMZ reports.

She claims that when she refused to hand it over, he reached inside her purse to grab it and then ripped it out of her hands. He was unsuccessful in deleting the pictures, as the phone was locked.

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At the time, the woman involved was with her young daughter.

The LAPD have confirmed the complaint was made about Bieber, but added no arrest has been made.

So far, no additional details on the investigation have been made public.