'Jersey Shore' Star "The Situation" Bombarded With Calls After Accidentally Tweeting Phone Number

Situation jersey shore phone number


Talk about a Situation!

Just this morning, Jersey Shore star Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino took to his twitter account to send a private message to a special lady, but accidentally tweeted his phone number for all the world to see!

“Yeah babe call me maybe: 732-939-2***-dm, don't give out , Sitch,” he wrote to over 1 million followers, following up with, “Oo sh:::t” when he realized his mistake.

 He continued tweeting when the calls started rolling in.

“By accident,” he wrote. “Wow some very interesting Messages ! GtL, DtF , Situation. Appreciate the DtF texts lmao ! Gonna take a picture of all missed calls, up to over 1000!”

And while the ab-tastic star has since turned off his cell, it took hours before he was able to shut things down.

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“Phone company called : he's like u got a situation buddy , I'm like thanks man but I'm the Situation ! For real , Sitch,” he told his fans, following up with, “I guess I'll jus change it tomorr , Sitch , so call call Away.”

But it didn’t take him that long...

“Can't even pickup the phone ! It's ringing so much! FmL , We def got A Situation!" he tweeted less than an hour after his slip-up. “Btw good news the pix r well appreaciated lol.”

So what good could have possibly come from The Situation’s national oopsie? Perhaps the love of his life.

“Wow think I jus found my new wifey !” he wrote. We wish you the best of luck with that, Mike.

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