Janice dickinson breast implants

Janice Dickinson Goes
Under the Knife to Fix
Her 30-Year-Old Breast
Implants — Which Leads
to a Shocking


Janice Dickinson’s breast implants are older than some of the supermodels dominating the runway today.

Which is why she went on the new show Botched—to fix the “sagging” and “rippling” implants that were once purchased for her by ex-husband Sylvestor Stallone!

The show’s doctors, Dr. Paul Nassif and Dr. Terry Dubrow, were shocked to learn how long ago Janice had the surgery, as it’s recommended to have them replaced every 10-15 years.

Janice Dickinson

While Janice brags she’s “no stranger to plastic surgery,” the doctors made a shocking discovery while she’s preparing to go under the knife.

Dr. Dubrow discovered Janice’s breasts were unusually lumpy—but the “world’s first supermodel” didn’t express any concern, even calling the lumps “my edamame.”

Janice Dickinson

“Once I got inside, I could feel those masses better. And they were quite large and they needed to come out,” the plastic surgeon revealed. “There could be a number of things in here, including breast cancer.”

The mysterious lumps didn’t turn out to be cancerous, thankfully, but even after the surgery, Janice’s troubles were far from over.

Janice Dickinson

She continually asked for more painkillers, though the doctors told her most patients in that stage would only be taking aspirin to combat the pain. The 59-year-old confessed she didn’t even remember the week following the surgery—and may have even compromised her sobriety.

Ultimately, she seems satisfied with her surgery.

“I can’t wait to get on a pogo stick naked and just bounce up and down,” she declares at one point.

For more, check out Botched on E! every Sunday at 10 PM!