Justin bieber photographer london

He Did WHAT?! Justin
Bieber Leaves London
Hospital, Fights With
Photographer (VIDEO)

Upon leaving the hospital this morning, Justin Bieber tried to attack a photographer, threatening to "Beat the F---" out of him.

Justin Bieber is not a happy camper. 

While exiting the hospital this morning in London following a collapse on stage during a performance, the star flipped out at a photographer threatening to “beat the f--- out of” him.
While scrambling to his SUV upon leaving the hospital, Bieber bumped into the photog who immediately claimed he was assaulted and continued to curse at the 19-year-old singer.
Justin, who had already gotten into the vehicle, opened the door and sprung out of the car, lunging at the man while the Biebs’ bodyguard held him back. See the entire fight for yourself below: 

“Ahhhhh! Rough morning. Trying to feel better for this show tonight but let the paps get the best of me...” Justin tweeted after the altercation. “Sometimes when people r shoving cameras in your face all day and yelling the worst thing possible at u...well I'm human. Rough week.” 
The f-bomb laced tirade comes on the heels of the pop star’s twitter rant yesterday, where he attacked the media for publishing “rumors.”
“rumors rumors and more rumors. nothing more nothing less. might talk about them 1 day. rt now im just gonna be positive. cant bring me down,” Justin wrote. “fake stories to sell papers i guess are part of the job. but im a good person. i know that. u cant tell me different. we know the truth. so make up stories about fake fines and make no mention of the positive...." 
He continued: “or say when i came out of my show with my shirt off because after performing for 2 hours i might be sweaty i was going into a club (really?) or any girl i stand next to is my girl or that i dont care, or that i dont feel, or that a 19 year old going to a club in europe is wild... i understand it is part of the job to be judged...but judge me on the facts, judge me on the music, and be careful of the judgement u pass.”
It sounds to us like Justin is S-T-R-E-S-S-E-D!