Kardashian diaries rob kardashian

Kardashian Diaries
Reveals 3-Year-Old Rob
'Got Locked In A Car
For Hours' When His
Mom Was Out on a Date

New diaries from the late Robert Kardashian, exclusively obtained by In Touch, expose a horrifying incident in which a then-3-year-old Rob Kardashian Jr. was left home with a housekeeper and got locked in a car for hours while his mom, Kris, was out on a date with her then-boyfriend, Bruce Jenner.

EXCLUSIVE: A Crumbling Marriage, Abusive Behavior and More

“Khloé proceeds to tell us that the children were left with the housekeeper and there were several boys there [friends of Kimberly’s],” Robert Kardashian wrote in his diary on Jan. 20, 1991. “All the kids were playing when Robert ran outside and somehow got locked in the car in the garage!” he lamented.

The revelation comes from the diaries of Kris’ late husband. In them, Robert painted momager Kris as an absentee mother of four and sometimes an abusive mom to eldest daughters Kourtney and Kim.

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In this week’s In Touch, excerpts detail the early days of Kris’ relationship with Bruce, during which she left all four of her then-young children at home with a housekeeper while she went on dates. Rob, then just 3, was locked for hours in the car, which was in the garage, until his mom came home. He “told us that he was crying because it was so dark and he ‘never wants to sleep in the car again!’” his dad recalled about the incident when Rob fell asleep in the car because “he couldn’t get out.”

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Kris and Bruce met on a blind date in late 1990, and within months he moved in with her and her kids. In his diaries, Robert (whose divorce from Kris hadn’t yet been finalized) explained how his soon-to-be ex-wife asked him if he could watch the kids so she could go on a date with Bruce.

For more inside Robert’s diaries, pick up this week’s In Touch, on newsstands now!