Adrienne bailon teenage boob job

Adrienne Bailon Talks
Teenage Boob Job on
‘The Real’

Courtesy The Real

Adrienne Bailon is serious about keeping things authentic on her new daytime talk show, “The Real” – staying true to the show’s title.

In an all-new episode airing tomorrow, the former Cheetah Girl dishes on getting breast implants as a teenager - and then removing them!

“Now what folks don’t know, I’m about to put myself on blast,” Adrienne warns. “I did the first ‘Cheetah Girls’ movie. And I was 18 years old when I did the first one. And I had boobs, but I didn’t think they were big enough.”

So what did Adrienne do to fix the problem?

“I was like, I did this little ‘Cheetah Girl’ movie, this probably ain’t going to do nothing, let me go up the ante and get my sexy on,” she shares. “I had just turned 18. I had been (in) a little girl group for such a long time. You want to feel sexy and womanly. And I was like maybe I’ll get bigger boobs. So I did."

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But it was a big mistake, according to the former girl group member.

“So I did my first movie, came back the second movie with these huge breasts. And then I ended up getting them removed,” Adrienne explains. “I got my breast implants taken out because I looked crazy.”

A little too daring for Disney, huh?

“Yes…I’m 4’11” maybe weighing 110 (lbs.). Like, literally when I tell you, Double D breasts,” Adrienne says. “And here goes the catch, we went to go do a second ‘Cheetah Girl’ movie and Disney was like, "We left her a ‘Cheetah Girl,’ she came back a porn star! What is going on here?”

For more on Adrienne’s boob job blunder, check out an all-new episode of “The Real,” airing tomorrow!