Righting her wrongs. Youtuber Colleen Ballinger, also known as Miranda Sings, apologized on Tuesday, May 12, after a racist video of her channeling a Latinx woman from 14 years ago resurfaced. “I am so ashamed and embarrassed that I ever thought this was OK,” the 33-year-old said.

In the clip entitled “Addressing Everything,” she went on to say the character she portrayed in the original video was “completely based in racial stereotypes.” In the old footage, Colleen and her sister can be seen dressed in exaggerated outfits and makeup of a Latin caricature. She added, “I was a sheltered teenager who was stupid and ignorant and clearly extremely culturally insensitive.”

In the apology video, Colleen revealed she decided to delete the controversial footage to not “hurt” others who may be offended by her remarks.

The brunette beauty also addressed her statements discussing an overweight woman who sat next to her on a flight 12 years prior, in addition to her “insensitive” words about putting her dog down, which she referenced multiple times throughout the years.

Youtuber Colleen Ballinger a.k.a Miranda Sings
Courtesy of Miranda Sings/Instagram

“To anyone and everyone who was hurt or offended by the statements I made when I was younger, I am so, so sorry,” she apologized. “I hope you all can see that the person I am today is so far from the person I was a decade ago.”

Additionally, Colleen addressed her ongoing controversy with Adam Mcintyre, a 17-year-old fan from Ireland who claimed the Youtuber sent him her underwear in the mail. While she denied having any inappropriate contact with the minor, she did admit to sending him her undergarments. The prank was documented on a public livestream and she insisted the items were new and her actions were well intended.

“It was a big joke within the fandom,” she said. “In my mind at the time, this was no different than all the other weird stuff I send to my fans as a joke. Now in hindsight, I see how completely stupid of me. I should have never sent that.”

To conclude her apology video, Colleen said she will “continue to learn” from her actions and grow as a performer.

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