The HBO documentary Love Has Won tells the unbelievable true tale of Amy Carlson, the mother of three from Oregon who convinced herself and others that she was actually the “mother of all creation.”

Here’s everything we know about the shocking life and death of “Mother God.”

Who Was ‘Love Has Won’ Cult Leader Amy Carlson?

Amy Carlson was born on November 30, 1975, in McPherson, Kansas. She claimed to have spiritual gifts from a young age, later telling her Love Has Won followers that she had begun “talking to angels” when she was ​4 or ​5 years old.

One of Amy’s longest-standing members, Avigail Lowes, spoke of an incident that occurred during a church service when Amy was a child in a November 2021 interview with Rolling Stone.

“The pastor said something that [Amy] knew was a lie, since she was Jesus, and she yelled ‘You’re lying!’ and had to be removed from church,” Avigail told the outlet — recounting a story Amy had told her — though Amy’s family denied this happened.


Who Was 'Love Has Won' Cult Leader Amy Carlson? Early Life, Becoming 'Mother God,' How She Died
Photo Courtesy of HBO

Amy’s parents divorced when she was a child. After both her mother and father remarried, she initially split her time between their homes in Kansas and Oklahoma City. However, Amy and her sister, Tara, moved in with her mother and stepfather full-time after they claimed they were abused by their stepmother.

The family settled in Texas – first in Dallas, where Amy received good grades and sang in the school choir – then Houston.

Before she developed her extreme interest in New Age philosophy that would last until the end of her life, Amy worked as a manager at McDonald’s, and gave birth to three children with three different fathers.

In the mid-2000s, Amy began posting on the spiritual website, where she met Amerith WhiteEagle, the man who would eventually convince Amy she ​was God. Amerith referred to himself as the “Father God” to Amy’s “Mother God.”

Who Was 'Love Has Won' Cult Leader Amy Carlson? Early Life, Becoming 'Mother God,' How She Died
Photo Courtesy of HBO

By late 2007, Amy had cut contact with her family and moved to Colorado with Amerith. There, the couple started a group called “Galactic Federation of Light,” which was soon renamed “Love Has Won.”

What Powers Did ‘Love Has Won’ Leader Amy Carlson Believe She Had?

The webpage for 5D Full Disclosure, a group started by former Love Has Won members Lauryn Suarez and Ashley Peluso after Amy’s death, describes the powers that Amy — and thus her followers — believed she possessed.

“I have been awake all my life but had to experience the human condition and go through a process of awakening, my role was to create a pathway for the consciousness, for the awakening for the planet,” Amy wrote in 2016.

Amy continued that despite having a “one in 7.8 billion chance” of harnessing the power required to achieve this, she was able to for the first time in “Creation.” She clarified that “all HigherSelves” helped her complete the mission, and that she was simply the “Physical Vessel” who made it possible.

How Did ‘Love Has Won’ Leader Amy Carlson Die?

Amy lost a lot of weight in the final years of her life due to the group’s belief that ego entered the body through food and sleep.

“Robin [Williams] says 103.1 is maximum weight Mom can get to,” a journal entry written by one of the cult members read, as shown in the documentary. “Robin” refers to the late Good Will Hunting actor, who was in no way involved with the group. Members believed that if they didn’t meet this criteria, they would not be able to rise out of the “3D” world and into the enlightened “5D” plane.

In addition to her anorexia, Amy took excess amounts of the controversial dietary supplement colloidal silver, which resulted in argyria — a blue tint to the skin caused by a buildup of silver in her body.

Though Love Has Won followers believed that Amy’s April 2021 death at the age of 45 proved she had finally “achieved physical ascension,” her autopsy report concluded she had died from alcohol abuse, anorexia and the chronic ingestion of colloidal silver.

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