The tension between Jade Cline and her mother, Christy, was tangible on part 2 of the emotional Teen Mom 2 reunion.

After getting into a dispute following Jade’s Brazilian butt lift [BBL] plastic surgery makeover in Miami, the drama came to a head on the Tuesday, August 3, special. 

Jade, 24, previously opened up about feeling abandoned by her mother post-surgery, and Christy broke down in tears while confronting Dr. Drew Pinsky by herself because her daughter refused to film with her. 

jade cline teen mom 2 reunion

Christy admitted that she didn’t “want to be taped right now,” claiming, “This television has wrecked my family completely. I so regret doing this.” 

After confessing she had only seen Jade once since the surgery drama, Christy said it made her sad to see Jade “hurt,” which some viewers felt was an insincere apology.

“I hate that she thinks that I would not want to help her or that I would disappear and not go get her pain medicine,” Christy continued, claiming the several pharmacies she visited did not have the prescription that Jade needed.

“I’m sorry that Jade feels the way she feels,” Christy said when Dr. Drew asked if she had any regrets. Christy went on to say that she doesn’t know why anyone would believe that she would leave her daughter in “that kind of pain,” to which Dr. Drew replied, “Because you did.”

Meanwhile, Jade could be seen backstage nodding her head and calling her mom’s story “bulls–t.” The reality star previously opened up about her mom’s addiction issues on Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant, which caused further animosity between them when Christy went to pick up the prescription.

Before Christy took the stage, Jade told her side of the story to Dr. Drew as Christy opened up about feeling misinterpreted behind the scenes while seated alongside Jade’s dad.  

Jade Cline Mom Christy Says Show Wrecked Her Family Teen Mom 2 Reunion
Courtesy Jade Cline/Instagram; Courtesy Christy Smith/Instagram

Jade Cline and Christy Smith

“I just don’t wanna deal with it right now, and I think that’s just what’s healthy for me,” Jade explained about why she is talking time for herself. “There was a lot that happened, and I don’t think this is the time or the place to deal with it right now.” 

Jade said her mom “disappeared” on her while she was in immense pain, leading her to stay with fellow costar Briana DeJesus amid her recovery.

“I thought my mom was just gonna let me lay there and die,” Jade commented, later adding, “I mean it’s been heart-wrenching I mean every day I miss my mom. I wanna talk to my mom,” the 16 & Pregnant alum continued. “I just want her to be better.” 

Teen Mom 2 season 10 is available for streaming on MTV.

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